Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Days

Loving the summer...had both kids for a sleepover on Sunday. They are such fun even though they totally wear me out. We watched Marley and Me and toward the end I was crying of course. Chaser ran upstairs to tell TaTa, "Mimi's sad...crying." He was worried about me. So sweet. Emmy drew a big poster of Marley. She wants to rename Lavi! Gotta love it!

I love being a Mimi!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fun day...

Went shopping today with my mom and her home designer. Went to some great places. Bought a darling chandelier for my bathroom and a couple of other things. We had such a great day...amazing how a day of shopping can really rejuvenate you! The money I spent I won at the dog track so it was like free money...how cool is that! Plus my wonderful husband had chicken Parmesan for dinner when I got home. Amazing, huh? Go shopping ALL DAY, spend money, come home and your husband has dinner ready. Am I living in an alternate universe or what? I am a lucky girl! And the real bonus was when I got home DH asked how much he needed to take off the bank account for the items I bought--without hesitation (who is he, by the way?)I am sure he was relieved I spent my "dog" money, but wow, can't believe he didn't throw a fit before he found out. :o) Gotta go see my trainer tomorrow...not looking forward to that. Who does? But, maybe it will make me feel like I have accomplished something. Hopefully will post again tomorrow. I am going shopping again with my mom. My "dog" money is spent...hopefully DH will be as understanding tomorrow...;0)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ok...so it has been months...

Yes, I am a truly lame blogger! It has been months since I last posted. The second semester just is so packed that I have no time for anything "extra." Fortunately school is out so I will have a bit more free time. Now is the time that will be the true test of my blogging commitment. No excuses...also no excuses regarding exercise (EEWWWW!). I actually ordered the Power90 DVD workout. Today I am committed!! Of course, the DVDs have not arrived so my commitment today is steely firm! Once they arrive, that commitment may melt like candle wax. I am hoping, though, to be committed to both the blog and the exercise. Maybe the blog will be my accountability piece!?? Someone out there hold me accountable! PLEASE! I want to be steely firm and not puffy fluffy...or as my son once said, "mom, your thighs are like fluffy white pillows!" The words every mom wants to hear, right?

Off to be Mimi to my babies...now that I can be committed to!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Oh, can't believe I haven't posted this yet, but I am not going to be a Mimi to 3...I am going to be a Mimi to FOUR! My daughter is pregnant with twins! Cannot believe it...I was wondering how I was going to deal with 3 and now there will be 4. Oh well, double the pleasure, double the fun, right?? Don't know what she is having yet, but we do know they are fraternal. I am hoping for one of each...kinda balances things out, right?

have a good night...
Okay, so I haven't posted in a good while, but things have been so crazy, haven't they? My mom closed on her house today. She will be here in just a couple of weeks. It will be good to have her closer...just got to get through this ghastly move. Why do we collect so much stuff?? Sure makes it hard to move, doesn't it!

Got a new phone this weekend...yes, I have converted to the smartphone movement. I know, most of you have been there for eons, but hey, I am old! Anyway, I am loving it so far. Just hope I can figure the thing out...pretty sad when a cell phone is smarter than you, but don't tell anybody. I am pretending I know all about it! I got the Motorola DROID and my husband got the DROID Eris for free. He spent a good hour last night playing blackjack on the phone. What in the world?? Doesn't he lose enough in Vegas to prevent him from playing it for fun on the phone?? Or maybe that's the draw...he can't lose his shirt on the phone! ;o)

Sure enjoyed my extra day off this week...I wish every week was a 4 day work week. I would have a much better attitude about work, I am sure. Anybody else out there feel the same way? Of course, retirement sounds even better...right now it seems I am working harder every year for less money....boy, is that going to screw me over in retirement or what? Must mean I am going to need to retire a little earlier!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

tough day...

Okay so my day started with a meeting about a student who is not doing ANY work. Talked with mom and other staff about options and we came up with some new strategies to try. Amazingly, today she did all her work! YEAH!! However, later today, one of my most reliable students was cheating...I watched her in disbelief as she blatantly erased her answers and copied from another student. So disappointed and when it all came down to it, her original answers--her own answers--were the correct ones. She cheated and changed them to the wrong answers and ended up with a 0 for cheating. Natural consequences are tough, but the best teacher sometimes...I hope she learned a lesson. maybe then it was worth it...
Until next time...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Great News!

Lots of great news today...First of all, it is Friday and it is a 3-day weekend. What could get better than that--other than Summer Break, of course...but even better, it looks like my mom is going to be moving closer to me! I am so glad. I know that she has been lonely since my dad died...by having her closer, I can visit her often AND we can shop and scrapbook and laugh and whatever!

Other good news I haven't shared on my blog yet...I am going to be a mimi to 3! I was so caught off guard. I didn't even get it when my daughter gave my husband and me a pacifier...Can you say "brain fluffy?" They had to explain it to me and I was still in shock! I didn't even know they were trying. Anyway, looking forward to the arrival in a few months. There is nothing like a grandchild! So much easier than being a parent, right? Being a grandparent totally rocks...being a parent often sucks!!

And finally, I lost two pounds this week...got lots more to go, but at least I didn't gain any! And this weekend I am going to spend lots of time scrapping and making cute watchbands...love being creative! Hopefully I won't snack too much and gain those two pounds back!!

Happy Friday, All!!!